The firm CORECT 2 delivers and installs only the world known producers equipment, with lasting many years warranty for the parts and the works. The planning engineers have a foreign certificates about training, issued by the worlds manufacturers of video supervision equipment. Our special activity is technical protection systems consultation, project planning, and professional help in case of makeing a decision to accept offered system.


1. The activities of the company CORECT 2 include the planning and engineering of the following electronic security systems:
- Video security systems / CCTV
- Security alarm systems
- Fire Safety Systems
- Perimeter protection / Fencing
- Access Control
- Integrated security systems

During the last 20 years we have made a large number of technical protection systems of standard and special (ex - proof) . The last larger system that was made is the Video supervision and control system including 32 mobile camera systems based on a Matrix Switcher/Controller, with recording on a Digital Video recorder (manufacturer PELCO USA) in the Oil Refinery of Pancevo. Our company delivers and installs only the equipment of well known world manufacturers (PELCO USA, SENSTAR USA, MAGAL Israel, BOSCH Germany, Cerberus Swiss..) with a warranty period for the delivered equipment and works lasting several years. For plants protected by these technical protection systems it is possible to obtain a discount up to 30% of the basic insurance premium of the company`s assets. The system planning engineers are in possession of training certificates of a large number of world manufacturers of this equipment beside the obligatory domestic licenses.

A special activity of the company includes the consulting for technical protection systems, planning and inspection of the projects as well as other expert support at deciding about the acceptance of the offered system. If you are in need of solving certain investment requirements or current problems belonging to this area, please contact us so we can assist you in finding solutions for the same. 1.Financial and legal consulting activities and representation in front of the governmental authorities:
- in the work out of the pre-investment studies and draw up of investment project reports
- in the construction and the reconstruction of civil-engineering buildings
- in the organization of the company's operation in accordance with financial and legal provisions in effect
- in the insurance contracts covering the buildings, the equipment and employees under the most favorable conditions
- in operations of exportation and importation of wares and equipment

2. Engineering activities:
- Project engineering and installation of electrical systems
- Project engineering and installation of telecommunication systems
- Design and installation of the building protection technical security systems

3. Commercial activities:
Supply of needed materials, especially materials for electrical engineering as well as other goods under the most favorable conditions.